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Vintage Bellydancer’s Hair and Makeup Workshop

Vintage 50s Pinup Bellydancer – learn about Pinup hair and makeup at the Intro Workshop.

Learn to style your hair Vintage 50s pinup style (perfect for burlesque), to create a unique vintage Bellydance style or just look glamorous…with the lovely, talented Ishtar aka Leggy Luna Lucy….she will work on what works best for you.

Ishtar aka Leggy Luna Lucy

Pinup hair done in 10 minutes.


Pinup hair – done on dry, un-curled hair, consisted of one Victory Roll, pompadour bang, bobby pins to secure and a classic 50s scarf to finish that elegant vintage look. Best way to deal with messy hair, that you slept on wrong, fix it and off you go feeling glam!

Book now, limited spaces left.

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