Burlesque Parties

Burlesque has made a huge revival overseas and here in New Zealand and Just Eventz is offering burlesque parties for all occasions…hen’s, birthday, divorcee…or just as a fun event for a group of ladies.

Burlesque PartyBurlesque is the ‘tease’ dance that was extremely popular before striptease took its place. If you love to dress up in corsets, gloves, frills, stockings, heels and have fun with feathers, props and dance, then you will love burlesque! It is a FUN, SEXY, CHEEKY and very EMPOWERING form of dance just as pole dancing is.

Want a party for the girls’ with a bit of a difference? At a burlesque party you will learn some FUN, SEXY and CHEEKY moves. This is a party where you can dress up in your corset, stockings, gloves and heels. Every lady receives a feather boa and a fun certificate.

You will learn:

  • struts, bumps, grinds
  • how to work that boa!
  • cheeky gestures
  • a mini burlesque routine

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